Food Fresh, Hot and Ready Every Time

The customers are what drives us to make KFC the best on the block in Kalispell. We strive to make sure each and every customer walks out the door with a smile and a desire to return. We enjoy preparing fresh, hot and ready to eat food for our customers every time. Our main priority is for our food to be fresh, hot and ready for each and every visit.

The shared goal of every member of our staff is to have the best customer service in the Valley. To do so we make sure to greet everyone with a positive attitude and a welcoming smile. By delivering the very vest in service, we hope to ensure each and every person that visits our store in Kalispell has a spectacular visit and returns soon.
We love to see customers coming in on a regular basis. It makes us feel great knowing we are doing our job providing hot, fresh and ready to eat food. Hope to see you all at our Kalispell KFC and A&W soon!

Dedicated to Outstanding Customer Service in Kalispell

Our store is special to Kalispell because we take pride in running our KFC and A&W. We strive to make sure we maintain a clean environment for people to enjoy their food. We believe our KFC and A&W in Kalispell stands out because we as a team strive to make it the best for our community. In doing so we promise to always have what our customers are stopping by for fresh, hot and ready to eat!

Winter 10:30am – 9pm Sun – Thurs, 10:30am – 10pm Fri – Sat
Summer 10:30am – 10pm Mon – Sun